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Where can the technical values and proofs for CO2 exhaust and for range be found?

The CO2 exhaust of every car can be found in the EEC certificate of conformity (CoC) under figures 46.2 or 49.1 (CO2 emissions combined) or in the national registration certificate (vehicle documentation in array V.7).

The electrical range of each vehicle is indicated in the car's EEC certificate of conformity CoC under figure 49.2.



Which evidence is necessary for the issuing of an E-Badge?
The following documents need to be transmitted to Green-Zones in electronic form for the purchase of an E-Badge:

  • The national registration certificate of that country where the vehicle is registered
  • The EEC certificate of conformity* (English: CoC – Certificate of Conformity) which
  • means the complete technical data sheet of the vehicle including emission
  • class (only for vehicles being registered inside the EU)
  • Another document being suitable to prove the electric drive system of the car.

* The EEC certificate of conformity CoC is available inside the EU, by the way, automatically through the producer respectively distributor since 2005. In case of non-availability this CoC document can be claimed from most vehicle manufacturers directly through the corresponding producer's website.